The Wolf Connection

Wolf Auto Accessories Wolf FWA 0060 dedicated alarm specifically for the new Ford Transit Connect van.
A similar system for the full-size Transit van (FWA 0070) is also available.


Dedicated system
Easy to install
Easy to use
Good visual deterrence


Predetermined mountings and connections
Factory remote key operation
Two alarm sensors
Valet switch
Clear installation instructions

All Ford Transit Connects have good locks and a factory-fitted remote-controlled keyless entry system and immobiliser, but no alarm — so the security still needs enhancing. As we know, vans are tempting targets for thieves and it's unusual for the cargo area of a van to be empty, which means the chances of a thief finding something both stealable and saleable are high. Whether they are the load for delivery or a tradesman's tools and materials, the contents of a van need protection.

While there is a choice of alarm-immobilisers from many manufacturers that can be adapted for a variety of vans, it’s unusual to find a system that's designed for one specific vehicle. The Wolf AL-100C is purpose-made and is as simple to install as is possible. Just follow the comprehensive instructions, with clear photographs, that take you through every detail of the installation. The siren and pin switch bolt into place to existing factory-made positions under the bonnet, and all the major connections are made inside the van using a custom-made interface wiring harness. The control unit is mounted under the dash to a particular mounting that ensures the unit's security.

Wiring connections are made by plugging the custom wiring system into a couple of factory harness connections. Wolf's connectors plug straight in, ensuring secure connections. Even the separate ground wire is attached to a pre-determined earth connection.

Alarm conditions are triggered by opening a door or activating a combined dual-zone (pre-warning and full alarm) shock sensor and glass breakage sensor. Wolf claims that false alarms are virtually eliminated with this sensor. Setting up is easy as the sensor module is mounted in an easily accessible (to the technician) position in the dashboard area, with plenty of space to tweak the adjusters.

Visual deterrence is achieved with the two super-bright-blue flashing LEDs fitted on both the front door panels, to be highly visible above the door locks through the door glass. Wolf also supplies translucent "Wolf" warning stickers that are stuck to the door glass in front of the LEDs and are lit up at night as the blue LEDs flash.

The Wolf system is as easy to use as it can be. The van driver simply uses the van's remote control or door key to deadlock the van to arm the system; there are no extra controls or procedures to use at all.

Fully adjustable sensor is designed to fit behind a removable panel in the dash

Pre-harnessed and wired makes the job as simple as you can get

reviewThe siren is mounted in an area where it is easy to fit but difficult for the thief to get at from under the vehicle

Single locking of the doors will not arm the Wolf system. Arming is confirmed by siren chirping, an indicator blink and the LEDs flashing. Disarming is by unlocking with the remote controller or door key.

A valet switch is included to hold the system off when needed.

Extras include an accessory module available to close power windows when the alarm is armed.

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